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F.A.Q. Publisher

F.A.Q. Advertiser

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising that enables retail and commercial websites to promote their products or services via the advertising space provided by a network of affiliated partner websites.
Affiliates are paid commission on the sales, website visits or marketing leads generated via their links. Monitoring and analysis of results is carried out by means of tracking links.

What is an affiliate/publisher?

An afilliate promotes the service or products offered by a website in return for remuneration linked to results achieved.

What is a merchant/retailer/brand?

This is a retail or commercial website that wishes to increase its visibility, revenue or contact base by placing advertisements on affiliate websites.
For more information on this topic, please contact our sales department.

Registration cost

Registration with our affiliate marketing platform is free to all publishers.

The requirements for becoming a publisher

You must:
• be the owner of a website which meets the acceptance criteria (see below).
• have the rights and the technical means to display advertising on that website.
It is important to check that you have full control over your advertising space.
• be of legal age or have authorization from your parents to display advertising on your website.
Important: if you are a minor and do not have parental authorization, Netaffiliation will not be able to pay you your earnings.

Website acceptance criteria

When assessed, the website must be found to comply with the following conditions (the list is non-exhaustive):

• Accessibility: the website must be online and in a sufficiently advanced state of development for our team to validate it.
Websites under construction will not be accepted and will cause your application to be automatically rejected.
Note: dead links or content that fails to load may result in rejection of your application.

• Ergonomy: your site must be easy to view/read and simple to navigate.
A web visitor must be able to find the information they are looking for within a maximum of three clicks.
Similarly, if your site is not responsive (offering the visitor an optimized navigation experience on all platforms without the use of horizontal scrolling or zooming in/out), ensure that it is at least fully accessible via scrolling.

• Graphic design: the use of background and font color combinations rendering your site illegible could result in rejection of your application.
Please ensure that the fonts used are legible in all browsers.
Avoid the use of large numbers of animated GIFs.

• Your site's content must be legally compliant (no incitement to hatred, no violence, racist statements, pedophilia, etc.) and comply with the rules of netiquette.
It must contain a sufficient amount of different kinds of information (multiple pages and one or more themes covered).
Netaffiliation does not accept mirror sites which redirect (directly or otherwise) to another site.

• You website must not previously have been submitted to Netaffiliation.
A site cannot be accepted twice.
If you have purchased your site from another affiliate, please ask the former owner to unregister it by simply making a request to the relevant local representative.

Any website which does not meet these criteria will be (automatically) rejected.
If this occurs and you then modify the site to a sufficient extent, we can reevaluate it on request.
Ensure you detail all the modifications you have carried out when you make your request to your local representative, otherwise your application will not be processed.

How many accounts/entities can you open?

You can only open a single account (a single entity) no matter whether you are a business, an individual or a partnership.
If you already have an entity with us, your new application will not be successful.

How many sites can you register?

You can register as many sites as you like with your account/entity.

Do you have a website in more than one language?

It is possible to register a site in multiple languages.
The procedure is detailed in the afilliates' FAQ, accessible when logged in to your account.

Registration process

The information you supply when registering your account provides our teams with the information they need to validate your site and to explain the advertising possibilities it offers to advertisers.

Your information must therefore be clear and meet the following criteria (the list is non-exhaustive):

- The description of the site must be comprehensive and written in the language of the country you are applying for (e.g. in French for France and in English for the USA/UK).
- The language of the website must be exactly the same as the one selected when registering.
It is preferable to choose a URL which leads to a landing page written in the chosen language.
Please select the country from which the majority of your traffic orginates (e.g. if most of your web visitors are Belgian, choose French-Belgium).

- Ensure you check the appropriate format and general type choice for your website (some examples below):

Blogs / Sponsored posts: A blog is a dashboard, a site proposing editorial content.
It looks like a "journal" of content, articles and access to interactivity.
(This type of publisher generally monetises their readership by distributing affiliate marketing programs through advertising banners and/or content with product links).
A blog is linked to a content website.

Cashback: the internet user can collect money (cash) paid (back) when he/she buys on the Internet. For every purchase made on a cashback website, the internet user collects a percentage of the amount spent. Depending on the agreement reached, the cashback sites offer discounts as a percentage or based on a preset amount.

Price comparators: Websites that offer internet users the ability to compare the price of a given product on offer from a number of vendors. Comparators are aimed at vendors. Advertisers that do not sell products cannot be included in these websites.

Co-registration: Co-registration is a lever for collecting leads. This lever is most often highlighted as an additional sign-in after a step has already been taken by an internet user (generally signing into a media site or after signing up for a game).
Then the internet user will be prompted on whether or not they wish to receive additional offers from an advertiser (an opt'in newsletter) or, in a more complex way, when they fill-in a survey. (There is the option of applying targeting using a loaded question like: Do you need to service your car in the near future? If the internet user answers yes, then they will see the corresponding advertising offer).

Emailers (emailing):
A publisher with an emailing database that meets the condition of being opt'in partners. They send out emailing shots that are targeted or not.
According to the CNIL, the French Civil Liberties watchdog, an opt'in email address partner belongs to someone who has given prior permission to receive sales offers (a step taken after being targeted freely or specifically, and that is enlightened and voluntary).
The opt'in condition is a must for performing emailing shots.
In the affiliate marketing market, an emailer must have signed the CPA V2 emailing charter which implies compliance with certain rules (address collection, etc.).

Retargeting emailers: Sending customised advertising by email to users who visit a merchant site without finalising their purchase and that the advertiser has not been able to identify.

Email retargeting is used to follow-up
• Website visitors
• People who give up during registration
• People who give up their basket

There are two solutions to follow-up your visitors:
Solution 1: Identifying the internet user in a mega database
Solution 2: Capturing the @ in a mail address field

Keywording / Buying key words (SEM & SEO): The publisher buys key words from the main search engines: Google, Bing, etc. These key words ensure that the publisher is present on the search engines though sponsored links in the advertiser's name and that targeted advertisements are displayed.
The affiliate is paid through the sales that come from the clicks on the ads.

Advertising sales agencies / Media-buying: Buying advertising space on major portals or web sites that are targeted by theme. Publishing IAB format banners.

Site-Under: An advertiser's full page (most often the home page) which is displayed under a page visited on a media site or in a new browser tab, one that appears after closing the browsing window.

Soft-Incentive / Virtual incentive: Publishing advertising campaigns on social media, in virtual worlds and in on-line games.
Using Facebook applications and on-line games sites to publish an "wall of offers" of advertisers.

Internet users must perform the required actions (e.g. taking part in a survey, watching a video or making an on-line purchase) and receive a reward in virtual money form (e.g. to access premium functions).

Incentive: The internet user is "required" to click on an ad or a link leading them to advertising so that they validate an action on a website (e.g. taking part in a game or lottery). There are other possible kinds of incentive:
• Click incentive: Any action that encourages an internet user to click
.e.g. please click on the banner
• Form incentive: any action that encourages an internet user to register or fill-in a form
e.g. register to take part in... to win loyalty points.
• Sales incentive: any action that encourages the internet user to purchase from the advertiser.
e.g. cashback, point allocation system, etc.)

Re-Targeting: Retargeting is used to dynamically re-target internet users who came to a website through a wide display inventory with maximum reach to recover visitors who left their basket.

Any abuse of the option selection process will result in automatic registration cancellation.

To complete the registration process, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
Please click on the link (valid for 45 days). The email may arrive in your spam mail.
This is an essential step in completing your registration.
Once registered, Netaffiliation will evaluate and confirm/reject your registration within approximately 48 hours, except where specific marketing tools have been selected.
If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details for the platform.
Once your website is validated (and only from that point), you will have access to all the advertising campaigns offered by Netaffiliation in the language of the country specified.

Managing affiliate programs

Once accepted, you will have access to all the advertising campaigns offered by Netaffiliation in the language of the country specified.

You will be able to view:

- the program description

- the remuneration type: earnings may be generated per (depending on the program):
• display (CPM/CPT = Cost Per Mille/Cost Per Thousand), with or without capping
• click (C), with or without capping
• double-click (DC)
• registration (F)
• sale (V)
• visit (CPV)

-advertisement types include (non-exhaustive list):
• different formats of Javascript or HTML banner (250 x 250, 120 x 90, etc. depending on availability)
• Javascript or HTML text links
• email marketing kits (proofing guaranteed)
• deep links (links which point to an internal page of a website rather than its homepage); only available if available within the program
• product catalogs, CSV or XML feed (important: restricted access).
• RSS feeds of promotional codes
• XML feeds of different advertisement types

None of the advertisement types (banners, feeds, etc.) can be supplied for testing or example purposes until you have registered with a website which is both active and conforms to the acceptance criteria for our platform.


You will be able to access detailed statistics per program, per website, by time, per advertisement type, by sales, etc.
- data available: potential impressions, pending transactions, confirmed transactions, form pending, form confirmed, etc.
- time periods: yesterday, today, Week and W-1, Month and M-1, etc.

You will also be able to access your statistics remotely (without having to log in to our platform) via our Web Services (API). The procedure is detailed in the afilliates' FAQ, which can be accessed through the interface.

Reactivate an account

An account/entity can be closed on request or may become inactive. For example, if you do not access an existing account for more than six months, access to the account is temporarily suspended by our platform.

Should this occur, please contact the local representative responsible for the account to request reactivation, providing:
- your surname and forename
- the URL of your website
- login name
- postal address
- telephone number
- an email explaining the situation.

The service contacted will carry out usage checks before reactivating/ rejecting reactivation of your account.

Lost password

Be careful to enter the correct login and password details, with each letter in the correct case (capital/small).
None of our services has access to this kind of information (confidential), we therefore suggest you visit here.

Payment currencies

When you run an advertising campaign using a foreign currency, you will be paid in that currency no matter what your country of residence is.
For example, a French afilliate running a Polish campaign paid for in PLN (Polish zloty) will be paid in that same currency.

Settlement dates for advertisers / Payment request settlement dates

All earnings generated by a website are subject to verification by our teams. For this reason, your earnings will initially have the status "pending".
Once earnings have been confirmed (sales, forms, etc.), our clients/advertisers are billed for the amounts involved.
Once you have reached the minimum amount for cash payment (€50, £50, $50, 400 NOK, etc.), you will be alerted by email (via our platform) at the beginning of the month (once per month only).
(NB: if you have accumulated earnings in two different currencies – £ and € for example – two payment requests will be generated: one in € and one in £.)
If accumulated earnings do not reach the payment minimum, they will be carried over to the following month/months until they reach €50, $50, etc.

Payment request generation is governed by the advertisers' payment rules. Netaffiliation does not offer payment in advance/credit.

Once your payment requests have been validated on the platform (the procedure is detailed in the afilliates' FAQ, which can be accessed through your interface), payment periods are as follows:

If your payment request is received on the platform between the 1st and the 15th of the month (inclusive), your payment will be processed between the 1st and the 5th of the following month. If your payment request is received on the platform between the 16th and the end of the month, your payment will be processed between the 15th and the 20th of the following month.

Payment options

You can choose from:

- French or international bank transfers
Please note: charges may apply to international bank transfers or where you receive payment in a currency different from that of your country of residence.
- Payment can be via Paypal in the following countries:
- Payment by check (only available in France, and subject to charges)

Need to declare your earnings?

Please make enquiries with your local tax service.

Contact details for our representatives in France and overseas


Mobile affiliate marketing

For all enquiries relating to our advertising on mobile websites or applications, please visit http://www.swelen.com/ or contact Swelen on: + 33 1 85 08 61 76

What steps do I need to take to start an affiliation campaign?

For a successful affiliation campaign, you should carry out the following steps:
- Set objectives and desired results: web surfer, webmaster sites and associated payment targets, etc.
- Register on NetAffiliation and return the signed contract
- Create your campaign: provide visual elements, tracking elements, set the payment level and give a description of the programme.
- Launch your campaign: When you are ready, NetAffiliation will check that everything is as it should be and confirm your campaign.

What happens in an affiliation campaign?

Webmasters will apply to be involved in your campaign. You can choose whether to accept or reject these applications.
Once they have been accepted, the webmasters will put your campaign on their sites, choosing from the elements you have provided.

What makes for a successful affiliation campaign?

There's no magic formula, but there are a few basic rules:
- Respect webmasters: They are your partners. You don't want to abuse the people that make up your whole system!
- Pay your affiliates well: basic payment levels are determined depending on your pricing, the competition and the market price. NetAffiliation can help you optimise this price.
- Provide varied and attractive display elements: banners, e-mails, a mini-boutique, text links, etc. The more attractive and varied your visual elements are, the better they will work!
- Liven up your campaign: You can change your visual elements regularly. You can organise promotions and set challenges for your webmasters, etc.
Above all, please don't hesitate to ask for advice from NetAffiliation.

How much does it cost?

In order to create your affiliation campaign we will invoice you for an installation fee of 300&euros;. After that, NetAffiliation will be paid based on performance: we will invoice for a commission of 25% (for campaigns exclusive to NetAffiliation) to 29% (non-exclusive campaigns).
To set up a campaign, you should have a minimum amount in your Advertiser account. This sum acts as a payment guarantee for webmasters. NetAffiliation can also offer personalised services, such as the creation of visual elements or campaign management (see the Services section).
Full details (as well as the latest prices) are available in the documentation sent at the time of your registration.

What different payment options are available for Affiliates?

The general payment options used are as follows:
- Per view (CPM = Cost per Mille/Thousand)
- per click
- per double click
- per registration
- per sale
NetAffiliation can offer a number of tailor-made campaign options. Please contact us for further details.

What is tracking?

To find out who does what and to analyse how your campaign is performing, NetAffiliation identifies all the events that happen. It is an automated system. When you set up your campaign, you may be asked to insert a simple piece of code on your site (a tracking tag) aimed at logging registrations or sales.

How does NetAffiliation combat fraud?

NetAffiliation has developed several security measures to identify fraudulent activities. We will not be detailing them in this FAQ in order to avoid giving useful information to fraudsters.
As soon as a website is identified as "at risk", it is monitored (blacklisted). Depending on the type of fraud, the campaign earnings are paid to the webmaster - or even all the fraudster's earnings are paid to the advertisers.
NetAffiliation also reserves the right to pursue fraudsters in the courts. We therefore advise fraudsters to devote their energies to developing the content and the added value of their websites. This will be more profitable to them.

Who pays Affiliates? When are payments made?

NetAffiliation takes care of paying affiliates. We pay them every month, as soon as their earnings across all their campaigns exceed a certain threshold (50 euros).
To guarantee payment for affiliates, we request that you make part payments to ensure that your advertiser account stays in the black.

How do I withdraw an affiliation programme?

You can halt your campaign at any time, after a period of 48 hours, in order to allow webmasters time to remove your campaign from their websites.
As a general rule, however, you should preferably keep your account active. You might as well keep the affiliates most relevant to your activities.

I want to launch a campaign in another country. Is this possible?

Yes. NetAffiliation can manage your campaign for a certain language and currency. It is perfectly possible for you to launch campaigns in other countries. Please contact us and let us know which country you want to target in your campaign.

Can I finance my campaign through my earnings as a webmaster?

Yes. You'll need to transfer of you affiliated earnings to your advertiser's account.

As an Advertiser, how can I increase my number of Affiliates?

There are a number of solutions at your disposal:
- Insert an "affiliation" section on your website with a link to the NetAffiliation description. Please contact us so that we can send you all the necessary elements.
- NetAffiliation can feature you in its newsletter (additional service).
- You can also set in motion a campaign to recruit affiliate websites for your programme.

I already have my own affiliation programme. Why would I need to use NetAffiliation?

There are several reasons why you should use NetAffiliation:
- You gain direct access to unique tools such as the MPCS system, the direct links system and the Meta-Tag system. Please contact us for more information!
- You will immediately increase the reach of your advertising, thanks to a network of over 22,000 suitable websites.
- You will receive a high-performance management tool, constantly updated - particularly to combat fraud.
- You will save money: Our role is to manage the logistics of your online campaigns. We are structured in such a way as to manage affiliate marketing on a large scale, saving money for you. If you calculate the real cost of managing your campaigns in-house, you'll do what so many of our advertisers did - transfer your campaign to NetAffiliation.
- You can devote yourself to what you do best: free of all logistical constraints, you can devote yourself to leading your network of affiliates and increase performance!

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